why cleanse?


Cleansing is a meaningful way to support your body, to clear up minor symptoms now that could lead to bigger symptoms later.

Here are some signs that you need to cleanse.

 1) You have a bloated belly or swelling somewhere in the body.

Eating foods that are high in fat and sugar will lead to indigestion and bloating, and over time affect your gut health.

A cleanse helps to flush your gut of yeast overgrowth, (yes, we all get it) and bad bacteria.

Many people supplement with good bacteria, like probiotics, but killing off the bad bacteria is important to do first.

 2) You’re irritable, moody, and find it difficult to cope with stress.

 Stress and moodiness can be a sign that you’re toxic; your body is challenged by eliminating too many toxins. In other words, it can’t keep up.

Eating a standard American diet, non-organic foods, too much alcohol or caffeine, and processed foods, even here and there, can lead to toxicity, and cleansing clears those toxins out, in a gentle way.

 3) Dull skin, or break-outs

 If you’re body is congested with toxicity, it can actually prevent nutrients from reaching your skin.

Your skin is the window to your health, and dull, lifeless and off color skin can be an indication that your diet is not ideal, or that there are toxins that need to be flushed out.

 4) Brain Fog

An inability to focus is being blamed on a lot of things these days; adult ADD, computer use overload, or aging. Toxicity in your body fogs your brain and slows your mental prowess down.

Cleansing clears out your brain fog and gives you clarity of thought.

 5) Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes can indicate overloaded liver or kidneys; two organs that are an integral part of the elimination process. Cleansing can eliminate years of aging, just in the eyes alone

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